SDET interview experience at LambdaTest

Although I was rejected in the first round itself, I believe my experience could be helpful for those preparing for similar interviews at reputable product-based companies. It could provide valuable insights into what to expect and how to prepare for the interview process at such companies.

I have almost 3.5 years of experience in the testing domain and have worked with Java, Selenium, TestNG, etc. I was looking for a senior role in the company and found a good opportunity at LambdaTest.

I have uploaded my resume to the portal and changed my status to “Actively looking” ( many recruiters visited my profile ), and a few of them contacted me on LinkedIn or through direct call. The LambdaTest recruiter reached out to me via LinkedIn, and then we connected over the call to discuss the job in detail.

After a very long discussion, I was scheduled for the first round.

After a brief intro, the interviewer directly gave me the leetcode problem mentioned below, which I had to solve in about 30 minutes.

Problem – Regular Expression Matching

I couldn’t solve it in 30 minutes, so we moved to the next question. It was to automate various assertions for a given link in a span of around 20 minutes. I don’t remember each and every part, but it was something like –

  • Assert whether the file is downloaded or not ( there was a download icon on the given link ).
  • Assert whether the video is playable or not.

There were a few other assertions as well.

  • The interviewer asked about one SQL problem to find the second highest salary, but here, there were two tables, and one table had the primary key reference to the other table.
  • Then, there were a few behavioral questions.
  • Then he asked about few git commands.

That’s it. I hope it gave some insights and help you prepare better for your upcoming interview. Best of luck!

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