SQL NOT operator

SQL NOT operator is used in where clause along with other conditions and it is used to negate condition results. It means if any condition will return false, then the SQL NOT operator will turn it into true and the record will be displayed. Similarly, if the condition will return true then the NOT operator […]

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SQL OR operator

In the previous article, we learn how to use AND operator. In this post, we will learn when and how to use SQL OR operator. SQL OR is a logical operator. Like AND, SQL OR operator is used when we need to filter records on more than one condition. But unlike AND operator, a table

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SQL AND operator

It is often required to filter records in a table using the where clause. If there is a need for filter records using more than one condition and all conditions must be true then we need to use SQL AND operator. SQL AND is a logical operator. It returns true if all conditions will return

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SQL ORDER BY keyword

SQL “Order by” statement is used for sorting table records either in the ascending or in the descending order at the time of retrieval. SQL ORDER BY Syntax Above we have specified sorting on column1. Here, ASC is used for sorting in ascending order whereas DESC is used for sorting in descending order. If any

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It is often required to filter records in the table based on some condition/s. To filter records using these conditions SQL WHERE clause is used. WHERE clause can be used in SELECT, UPDATE, DELETE, etc. statement. In this article, we will learn how to use the SQL WHERE clause in the SELECT statement. SQL WHERE

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SQL SELECT statement

SQL Select statement is used to retrieve data from the database. The data is returned in form of a table called a resultset. SQL SELECT Syntax In SQL select statement, we specify list of columns to be fetched from database tables. To select specific columns from table: column1, column2, columnN are the column names of

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