Boolean.logicalOr() method in Java

logicalOr() method performs the logical OR operation between two boolean values. It’s a static method and was introduced in Java 1.8. This post will discuss the logicalOr() method of the Boolean wrapper class in detail.

  • Method declaration – public static boolean logicalOr(boolean a, boolean b)
  • What does it do? logicalOr() method takes two boolean arguments and performs the logical OR operation.
  • What does it return? It will return the final value after performing the logical OR operation.
Internal implementation of the logicalOr() method
    public static boolean logicalOr(boolean a, boolean b) {
        return a || b;

Below are the combinations that can be passed in the logicalOr() method and the corresponding value it will return.

Code Example
public class Codekru {

	public static void main(String[] args) {

		System.out.println("value 1: " + Boolean.logicalOr(true, true));
		System.out.println("value 2: " + Boolean.logicalOr(true, false));
		System.out.println("value 3: " + Boolean.logicalOr(false, true));
		System.out.println("value 4: " + Boolean.logicalOr(false, false));

Output –

value 1: true
value 2: true
value 3: true
value 4: false
Time Complexity of the logicalOr() method

As logicalOr() method only performs the OR operation between two boolean values. So, the time complexity of the logicalOr() method is O(1).

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